Creating a Java Daemon (System Service) for Debian using Apache Commons Jsvc

daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, executing tasks on a predefined schedule or in response to particular events, or in response to requests for information or services from other programs. To start up a Java program as a daemon using Jsvc, we'll need to do a few things: a) Implement the Apache Commons Daemon interface. b) Install Jsvc by downloading and compiling the source (C) or via the command line with the [cci]sudo apt-get install jsvc[/cci] command. c) Create a bash shell script to launch the daemon and manage the basic set of daemon controls, namely: startstop restart. Others include reload status. (more…)

By Sheldon Neilson, ago

Extending AndEngine’s GenericPool to Safely Add and Remove Bodies from Box2D PhysicsWorld

Anyone delving into Android game development with Box2D physics will at some time struggled with seemingly random crashes when adding or removing bodies from the physics world. The instinctive thing to do is to destroy the object when some type of event has occurred, such as a touch event or collision in the physics simulation, however simply removing entities from the simulation can cause the simulation to crumble. In this article I'll go through my preferred method of safely adding and removing objects from the physics simulation with the minimum performance hit. (more…)

By Sheldon Neilson, ago